More than 32 million Americans take three or more medications daily.

These high numbers have spurred a lot of talk and research on how to help patients monitor their medications to ensure that they are taken correctly.

Many of those discussions center on the packaging.

If you’re wondering whether loose pills or blister pack packaging is better for you, keep reading. We’re breaking down three of the major differences between the two options.

1. Blister Pack Packaging Reduces the Risk of Overdose

Whether you have trouble remembering if you took your medications, or you have several medications to keep track of, confusion happens.

If your pills are loose, contained in a bottle, it can be easy to forget whether you’ve taken your medications. Unless you know how many you should have left, you have little way of tracking whether or not you’ve already taken your daily dose.

Blister pack packaging makes it easier to keep track of your medications. You can easily separate your blister pack, or even label the pack to track which ones you need to take each day.

While blister packs do make it easier to keep track of your medications, there are other ways to track your loose pills as well.

Containers with slots for your daily medications are one great option.

You can also purchase labels for your bottle or keep track of how many pills you should have left each day, and count your bottle, to avoid missing a day or taking too many.

2. Pill Bottles Help Keep Kids Out of Your Medications

Each year, more than 800,000 children in the U.S. are accidentally poisoned. Many of these poisonings are the result of children getting into medications that they should not have access to.

While keeping your medications in a safe spot is always important, your choice of packaging can also help protect your children from harm.

While blister packs help seal off your medications from water or other elements, they may not be effective at keeping your children.

Plastic blister packs can be ripped or cut open with ease. But plastic pill bottles with locking lids are much more difficult to get into. This makes them effective for keeping out small children.

3. Your Current Pharmacy May Not Offer Blister Packs or Loose Pills for Certain Medications

Depending on your medications, you may have little choice between blister pack packaging and loose pills at your local pharmacy.

If you’ve found that you have a preference between the two forms though, there are other options.

By shopping for your medications online, you’ll have access to more suppliers and options. This may mean the chance to find your medications in your chosen form of packaging.

Shopping for Loose Pills or Blister Pack Packaging

Now that you know a few differences between blister packs and loose pills, it’s time to start shopping for your medications in your chosen form of packaging.

If you’ve never shopped for medications online before, you may be wondering if our prescription drug standards are high.

If this is the case, click here to learn more about what you’ll experience when you shop from a legitimate online pharmacy.