Using supplements to hack your brain is a growing trend. This makes sense, as the desire for better memory, critical thinking, and other cognitive functions is near universal. People are even able to buy supplements online now!

One very popular option is a drug named Piracetam or Nootropil. It has been shown to improve cognitive health for many, including those with Alzheimers and students.

If you are eager to try a research-backed product to improve your brain functioning, keep reading below for five reasons you should try Nootropil!

1. Improve Memory

If you want to improve your memory, you are in luck. It’s believed the drug impacts acetylcholine and its receptor site. Acetylcholine is an essential neurotransmitter.

Piracetam helps increase your body’s acetylcholine activity which in turn increases memory capabilities.

By keeping your brain active and plastic, it can continue to build and strengthen new connections in your brain. The stronger connections you have in your brain, the better your cognitive functioning will be.

2. Increase Cognition

In addition to memory, using Piracetam can improve other cognitive skills. People have found while using it that they have increased recall and can more easily learn new skills.

Piracetam can also help you focus on tasks and remain more concentrated. This is why supplements like this are popular with students, especially while under stress from finals.

While such a great supplement sounds pricey, you have options that can save you up to 90%!

3. Awaken Your Senses

One great benefit of using Piracetam is the impact it has on your senses. We rely heavily on sight to make sense of the world. By using this supplement, this will be heightened.

What does this mean exactly?

You can experience brighter, more vibrant colors and detail wherever you go. You will appreciate things like flowers and artwork much more. It is believed this occurs due to an increase in acetylcholine.

4. Defy Brain Aging

With age, comes declines in function. This applies to the brain too. As your brain ages, it is typical for memory, hand-eye coordination, and other functions to decline.

Taking Piracetam can work as a preventative method to keep your brain young and sharp. For this to work, you need to take it well before you begin to notice any decline.

As mentioned, it can also help combat symptoms of Alzheimer’s that can be common as people age. Piracetam can help stroke patients regain functioning too.

5. Boost Your Mood

One final benefit of using Nootropil or Piracetam is improving your overall mood. Many use it for depression and other mood disorders.

In addition to increasing neurotransmitter activity, the drug is believed to increase oxygen levels throughout your body. Higher oxygen levels lead to improved mental clarity and mood.

Some people have also found relief from anxiety by taking Piracetam.

Time to Try Nootropil and Help Your Brain

If you are ready to experience the immense benefits of this brain-hacking supplement, check out our options here! You might be able to save up to 90%!

No matter your age, you can definitely use a cognitive boost.

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