There are over 46% of Americans who are currently fighting obesity or extreme obesity.

But about 50% of American women are on a diet at any given time, and approximately 45 million Americans try (and often fail at) dieting every year.

While dieting and exercise are important factors in losing weight, advances in modern medicine have made it easier for people to get that extra boost that they may need.

There are several prescriptions that people can take to help them with their weight loss, and many of the weight loss medications you can get without insurance.

One of the most popular medications taken by people to help in their weight loss is Orlistat.

Here are five ways Orlistat 120mg helps you lose weight.

1. Orlistat 120mg Comes With Ease of Access

Now, this may sound like a silly first step, but you need the medication if you are going to be able to use it.

The FDA approved Orlistat as its first over the counter weight loss drug, as well as the first weight loss drug that is okay for the use of teenagers.

Because of this factor, doctors are aware that it is an easy medication to get [you can even order it online], and much like writing people prescriptions for things like 800 mg ibuprofen or Tylenol, and in turn, several G.P.s are willing to aid you in getting a prescription without needing to see a specialist.

2.It Allows Your Body to Stop Absorbing Fat

Orlistat hangs out in your gut and waits for fat to show up. When it does, it won’t let your body digest it.

This undigested fat makes it way all the way down to the bottom, and becomes part of the waste that your body gets rid of during your bathroom functions.

3. It Can Help Lower Your Cholesterol

Because the Orlistat will not allow your body to absorb as much fat it, in turn, does not allow it to absorb as much cholesterol.

This can help your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) lower, and increase blood circulation to help you feel more comfortable staying active and keeping active.

4. It Can Help with Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

Studies have shown that using Orlistat 120mg can help people who already have Diabetes caused by obesity, as well as people with insulin resistance, lose more weight.

It can also help their bodies process insulin better. Processing sugars in a natural and organic way has shown to lead to weight loss with vast improvement. This is in comparison to those whose bodies cannot process insulin on their own.

5.The Side Effects Can Motivate You to Eat Healthier

Because of how Orlistat 120mg helps you lose weight (by blocking it from getting into your system): its side effects often make people choose a healthier lifestyle in the long run.

If you are used to a diet that is high in fat, and you are on a medicine that gets rid of your fat through bowel movements, it may take less time than you realize for you to change your diet to one that is much higher in things like protein and good carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables).

No One is Saying It’s a Miracle Drug, But…

Orlistat is just like any other medicine: you take it, and hopefully, it works for you.

But where Orlistat differs is that it brings people hope. Not only could it help you with things like your cholesterol and diabetes, but it has been shown to help you increase your weight loss efforts by at least 50%. So, for example, for every six pounds you lose alone, you could have lost nine if you were doing the same thing, and just added Orlistat to your diet.

Why keep trying and failing on diets every year? You let medicine help you with so many things on the day-to-day, why not give Orlistat a try?

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