What is HealthPricer?

HealthPricer is an independent, award-winning product finder and comparison shopping site dedicated to helping you find the best healthcare products from trusted merchants online. We are a free site that helps consumers compare prices on a range of healthcare products including prescription and OTC drugs, contact lenses, supplements and beauty products (more to come). Our aim is to save you time and money when shopping for healthcare products online.

HealthPricer works for you

HealthPricer is an accurate and comprehensive marketplace for health products only. We currently represent approximately 100 merchants and hundreds of thousands of products. At HealthPricer you can browse for, or search for specific products and we’ll provide you with a list of pre-screened trusted merchants that offer that product by price, quantity, merchant rating and other product attributes.

It’s incredibly easy

Simply enter the product name you are looking for in the search box and we do all the heavy lifting – providing you with all merchants that offer that item and a number of ways to refine your search to find the product that best suits your needs.

Our philosophy

We understand that shopping for healthcare products online is tricky. Not only do you have very specific search requirements, but you also have to worry about online scammers. HealthPricer helps to eliminate all those concerns:

  • Trust: to trust us means you depend on us to trust our merchants. We go to great lengths to evaluate and build relationships with our merchants. HealthPricer only represents legitimate merchants.
  • Exact products: we know you are looking for very specific products, so we ensure that product is not represented in different ways under slightly different names – what you see is an exact presentation of merchants that offer that one product. HealthPricer Focuses on Data Normalization explains this in more detail.
  • Product variations: very often you will be looking for a specific quantity of pills, tablets, liquid ounces or boxes of a healthcare product. We help you find the quantity you need and compare product prices for those quantities. Want to learn more? Read: HealthPricer Focuses on Product Variations.
  • Accurate prices: we know it’s annoying that merchants don’t include shipping and handling fees in their displayed prices and that they sometimes provide prices after mail-in rebates. We don’t do that. HealthPricer includes shipping and handling fees in its prices and we have an option for you to include or exclude mail-in rebate prices. Need more information? Read: HealthPricer Focuses on Actual Price.

The bottom line is, we work for you and give you easy access to the best prices and merchants.

Our promise to you

Our goal is to give you the ultimate control when searching for healthcare products online. Our promise to you is:

  • HealthPricer provides comprehensive health product information;
  • HealthPricer provides fair product presentations in a level marketplace;
  • HealthPricer provides accurate prices – we show all fees and rebate prices;
  • HealthPricer results do not give preferential treatment to merchants based on fees;
  • HealthPricer does not provide misleading sponsored links or paid-for best price or best value buttons.

Trusted merchants only

Rather than work with the crowd on unknown merchants, we’re currently representing approximately 100 reputable and, where needed – accredited, online healthcare merchants.

Please share your experiences

It’s important to us that you share your experiences with us and others. Currently you can review merchants and vote on product reviews, and we really appreciate when you take the time to do so. Promise us that you will be honest and fair.

We’re here to help you

If you’d like to get hold of us, here’s how:

E-mail: [email protected]