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5 Reasons Why You Need to Purchase Medicine Online

According to Consumer Reports, more than half of Americans now take prescription medications on a regular basis. In fact, the average American takes four prescriptions daily.

Over the past two decades, the percentage of prescribed drugs has gone up 85% in the United States. Meanwhile, the out of […]

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How to Get Doxycycline Hyclate for Less

It is no secret that healthcare is a significant expense for most Americans. The costs of insurance premiums, preventative care, and co-pays all continue to rise.

But of all healthcare expenses, the high costs of prescription drugs are some of the most significant. In fact, the cost of […]

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How to Use Fluticasone With Less Side Effects

If you struggle with allergies it can feel like the world is out to get you. Waking up every morning with a stuffy nose isn’t just uncomfortable, it is downright debilitating.

But finding a product that works takes a lengthy process of trial and error, and for those […]

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How Tamsulosin Can Make Life Better for Millions of Men by Treating Kidney Stones and Enlarged Prostates

As we get older, we face certain medical milestones that come with age. Common things like weaker eyesight, hearing loss, or everyday muscle soreness happen to lots of people over the years.

Men and women have different illnesses particular to their sex.

For example, women might experience weakening of […]

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What to Know About Prescription Discounts for Seniors

If you’re a senior citizen, taking a prescription medication can be seen as part of an average daily routine. You probably have friends that are using medication to monitor a chronic condition, and you may have a few pills that you have to take in the morning.

Adults […]

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What to Expect When You Order from a Legitimate Online Pharmacy

The internet is the last frontier on earth. It’s a fairly lawless place compared to the rest of society.

And with lawlessness comes the scammers and hustlers.

Especially in the pharmacy business, it’s hard to tell the scammers from the real deal sometimes.

The scammers have gotten pretty good at […]

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How We Can Recover From High Drug Prices

Every day, Americans are facing the realities of rising prescription drug prices. In some cases, only the wealthy can afford to pay for medication. Despite this problem lasting several years, solutions have been rare.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, about 8% of American adults tried […]

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How the Internet Could Be the Best Pharmacy for You

I learned recently that Americans spent $450 billion on prescription drugs in 2016. It was time for me to do something. I had to tell consumers how to find lower prices for their medications.

No one should have to stop taking medicine because prescription costs are skyrocketing. Sadly, many of […]

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7 Ways to Get Cheap Medicine

Are you struggling to afford your prescribed medication?

No matter your health needs, medication can be expensive. Sometimes, it can be prohibitively so. However, a lot of people don’t realize that there are ways around high medication prices no matter your health insurance status.

Take a look at these ways […]

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11 Must Know Tips to Safely Buy Meds Online

If you suffer from a chronic condition, you know that getting your meds can be a life of death situation.

According to the CDC, about 1/5 of us are paying for our medications out of pocket. On top of this, nearly 10% of people in U.S. aren’t taking our medications […]

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