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5 Reasons Prescription Drug Costs Are Outrageously High

Do you dread every visit to the pharmacy to renew your prescriptions? Are you worried about the ever-rising prescription drug costs in the U.S.?

If so, you’re not alone. A recent poll showed that 72% of Americans feel that prescription drug costs are unreasonable.

This is understandable, considering how […]

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How Prescription Coupons Help Patients Get the Medication They Need

For many Americans, healthcare is one of their largest expenses.

This is especially true when it comes to prescription drugs. The cost of prescription drugs for the average American is $1,370. Even patients with health insurance can spend close to $200 out of pocket to cover these expenses.

Additionally, […]

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10 Surprising Ways Black Licorice Benefits Your Mind & Body

What’s your opinion on black licorice? It’s one of those foods that draws that people tend to have a strong opinion about. Some people love it, and others hate it. The one thing that is true: Almost no one has a neutral opinion on black licorice! But […]

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Listerine Foot Bath: Your New Miracle Cure For Dry, Cracked Heels!

I have been battling for years to find an easy cure for my dry, cracked heels. I heard about the various Listerine uses before and thought, “Really? Soaking your feet in mouthwash?” It sounded extremely crazy, to be honest! However, after trying absolutely every known remedy to […]

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Aloe Vera Juice Benefits: Here’s Why Egyptians Called It the “Plant of Immortality”…

The Egyptians call it the plant of immortality while Native Americans refer to it as the wand of heaven. These two indigenous groups with inherent knowledgeable on plants revere Aloe Vera, and rightfully so. It turns out the plant is filled with natural goodness, as you possibly […]

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20 Brilliant Uses for Epsom Salt Around the House

Uses for epsom salt can seem endless with this versatile material. Named after a saline spring in England, it is a combination of magnesium and sulfate. In addition to its health benefits, this popular mineral has many household and gardening uses, as stated by SaltWorks.

Epsom salt can […]

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11 Incredible Apple Cider Vinegar Uses You Never Knew

Apple cider vinegar is typically known for its flavor additions to salad dressings and sauces, but it actually has a lot of health benefits. There are many different apple cider vinegar uses that benefit the health outside of using it as an ingredient in meals.
1. Treat Athlete’s Foot
Athlete’s […]

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This 2000 Year Old Super Liquid You Should Be Consuming Every Day!

There is a super liquid that can increase your energy, fight diabetes, improve your heart health, and support fat burning and weight loss. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine used to give this liquid to his patients for it’s healing properties!
This super liquid is…Apple Cider Vinegar!
Watch the […]

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Watch This Quick And Easy Way To Cure Migraines!

Migraine headaches cause unbearable pain along with nausea and, at times, vomiting. Thankfully you can get rid of migraines fast with this DIY useful tip!

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11 Must-Have Superfoods Healthier Than Kale

Need for more energy…clearer skin…balanced mood…stronger libido…luscious hair…better sleep?

Watch this video for the top 11 ‘must-have’ superfoods that will help you achieve optimal health!

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