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4 Tips for Ensuring Your Avandaryl is FDA Approved

By |January 16th, 2018|

If you have type 2 Diabetes, it’s likely that you could be prescribed Avandaryl. This oral medication is an alternative to insulin, as it helps regulate blood sugar.

Like all prescription drugs, you need to know what you’re using is safe. If a medicine isn’t approved by the […]

The Top 3 Benefits of Taking Omeprazole

By |January 9th, 2018|

The majority of adults will experience acid reflux and heartburn in their lifetime. 60% of American adults suffer from acid reflux or heartburn within a 12-month period. 20 – 30% suffer from digestive diseases on a weekly basis. Omeprazole 40 mg offers respite from this painful, often […]

The 3 Main Differences Between Loose Pills and Blister Packs

By |January 3rd, 2018|

More than 32 million Americans take three or more medications daily.

These high numbers have spurred a lot of talk and research on how to help patients monitor their medications to ensure that they are taken correctly.

Many of those discussions center on the packaging.

If you’re wondering whether loose […]

Can You Get Your Prescriptions Without Insurance?

By |December 27th, 2017|

Getting the medication you need should be as simple as going to the doctor, getting a prescription, and going to the pharmacy to have it filled.

What would you do if you could get the prescription, but it cost too much to pick up? How would you handle […]

How to Use Cortef Safely

By |December 6th, 2017|

Before beginning any prescription drug regimen, you should be fully informed about the medicine and what it can do. Research the possible side effects, interactions, and any other important information before beginning treatment.

And, of course, you should only take prescription medications as prescribed and recommended to you […]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Purchase Medicine Online

By |November 6th, 2017|

According to Consumer Reports, more than half of Americans now take prescription medications on a regular basis. In fact, the average American takes four prescriptions daily.

Over the past two decades, the percentage of prescribed drugs has gone up 85% in the United States. Meanwhile, the out of […]

7 Ways to Get Cheap Medicine

By |June 27th, 2017|

Are you struggling to afford your prescribed medication?

No matter your health needs, medication can be expensive. Sometimes, it can be prohibitively so. However, a lot of people don’t realize that there are ways around high medication prices no matter your health insurance status.

Take a look at these ways […]

How Prescription Coupons Help Patients Get the Medication They Need

By |June 15th, 2017|

For many Americans, healthcare is one of their largest expenses.

This is especially true when it comes to prescription drugs. The cost of prescription drugs for the average American is $1,370. Even patients with health insurance can spend close to $200 out of pocket to cover these expenses.

Additionally, […]

Welcome to the HealthPricer Blog!

By |January 21st, 2007|

Welcome to the “HealthPricer Blog” brought to you by HealthPricer. This is our forum for opening up discussions on the topics we feel passionate about and share with you our views.

HealthPricer gives online shoppers access to trusted health products from responsible merchants online. There’s a lot that goes […]

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