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Are You Paying the Lowest Price for Amoxicillin?

By |January 30th, 2018|

Amoxicillin 500 is a popular prescription medicine for fighting bacterial infections. The question is, are you overpaying for it?

With the likes of the Trump campaign claiming that popular pharmaceutical companies are “getting away with murder”, pricing of medication in America has once again come under a hard […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Drugs Online

By |January 23rd, 2018|

Drugs become more and more expensive every year. In fact, cancer drug prices are rising faster than inflation!

One way to avoid this is to buy drugs online. As well as giving you a better price, it can save you time. With our modern lives, who has time […]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Purchase Medicine Online

By |November 6th, 2017|

According to Consumer Reports, more than half of Americans now take prescription medications on a regular basis. In fact, the average American takes four prescriptions daily.

Over the past two decades, the percentage of prescribed drugs has gone up 85% in the United States. Meanwhile, the out of […]

How the Internet Could Be the Best Pharmacy for You

By |July 6th, 2017|

I learned recently that Americans spent $450 billion on prescription drugs in 2016. It was time for me to do something. I had to tell consumers how to find lower prices for their medications.

No one should have to stop taking medicine because prescription costs are skyrocketing. Sadly, many of […]

11 Must Know Tips to Safely Buy Meds Online

By |June 23rd, 2017|

If you suffer from a chronic condition, you know that getting your meds can be a life of death situation.

According to the CDC, about 1/5 of us are paying for our medications out of pocket. On top of this, nearly 10% of people in U.S. aren’t taking our medications […]

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