If you’re a senior citizen, taking a prescription medication can be seen as part of an average daily routine. You probably have friends that are using medication to monitor a chronic condition, and you may have a few pills that you have to take in the morning.

Adults over the age of 65 only make up around 12% of the entire U.S. population, but they account for 34% of all prescription drug users in the country, and 30% of over the counter drug usage. That’s a lot of medication to pay for, and many senior citizens struggle to afford needed medication.

Finding Prescription Discounts For Seniors

Adults of all ages are concerned about finding prescription discounts because of the high cost of medicine, but senior citizens are especially vulnerable to price increases.

Prescription drug prices are expected to double over the next decade for seniors. Since many seniors are retired or living off of government benefits, even a slight increase in prices could dramatically affect your life. 

Certain insurance programs and Medicare can offer discounted services, but medication cost can still be difficult to manage even with this help. If you want to save money on costs you’re going to have to get creative.

There are a variety of ways seniors can make their prescription medication costs more manageable. With the right information, you can find ways to afford some of your most costly medicines.

Are you ready to learn about ways to save money on medicine? These prescription drug discounts have the ability to help you get the medicine you need for the right price.

Utilize Mail

Getting to the pharmacy can be difficult when you have a busy a schedule. How much time did you spend going to the pharmacy in the past few months? When you think about the time it takes to drive to the pharmacy and back home, you’ll start to wonder how much it truly costs you to pick up your medicine.

If you’re looking for prescription drug discounts, consider getting your medication by mail. When you take the time to think about it, you can see how much money it can save you.

Many popular pharmacies have mail order options which can help both you and the pharmacy save money. Pharmacies won’t have to pay for in-store technicians, and they money they save helps make the overall cost of filling the medicine cheaper. You also won’t have to worry about spending money on gas or public transit.

Check the Formulary 

If you want to get the best prescription discounts, being familiar with your insurer’s formulary is a must. The formulary is a list of the drug you plan will or will not cover.

Most plans will have tiered list that will show which drugs are the least expensive and which medications will cost the most. Knowing with medication your plan will cover can help you better prepare your budget.

Get familiar with Medicare

We’ve mentioned that Medicare can help save seniors money on medication costs. The program can help you save much more money than you thought possible because of the changing prescription discounts they offer each year.

Medicare Part D can change every enrollment year. If you haven’t check to see what benefits you’re entitled to, you could be missing out on important prescription discounts that can save you money.

Be sure to read about your plan the next time open enrollment occurs. See if certain medications are now eligible for discounts, and also what other medical services you could also save money on.

Look into Networks and Programs

Medicaid Part D has a variety of benefits for seniors. One of their benefits involves the enrollment of pharmacy networks. A pharmacy network consists of special pharmacies that offer prescription discounts and savings.

If you have insurance coverage through other providers, look into network programs they may have some. Some insurance providers have special relationships with pharmacies. One of the best ways for seniors to save money is to use HealthPricer.com to check brand name prices at licensed Canadian and international pharmacies.

Ask for Samples

How would you react if your doctor were to prescribe you a new medication during your next appointment? You may be worried about how you can afford more medicine, but there’s something easy you can do to help keep the initial cost down.

When you’re given a new medication to take, see if you can get a sample. A sample of medications can result in days or even weeks of a free supply. 

Samples also give you the added benefit of seeing how medications interact with your body before you commit to them. Getting a supply lets you test important medications without having to spend money on them.

Embrace Generics 

Do you know what the difference is between name brand drugs and generic medications? In most cases, the only difference is branding.

On average the generic form of a drug can cost 80%-85% less than the name brand form. If you want to save money going generic is a must.

Before you ask your pharmacist for the generic form of a medication, talk to your doctor. They may recommend a generic or brand name for a reason, and you shouldn’t stray from your treatment plan.

Use Discount Cards

You probably use discount cards for your favorite grocery stores and have enrolled in other rewards programs. Did you know that some pharmacies and insurance programs have their own discount programs you can sign up for?

Getting prescription discounts from the source can help save you a lot of money in the long run even if they cost an initial sign-up fee. If you have a favorite pharmacy that you like to use, see if they offer prescription discount programs for seniors. 

A Healthier You

Finding affordable medicine is important for people of any age, but seniors need to be aware of any prescription discount programs they can find. Anything that can help you live a healthier lifestyle is worth looking into.

Do you have questions about how to find affordable medicine? Contact us so we can help you find the answers you’re looking for.