I have been battling for years to find an easy cure for my dry, cracked heels. I heard about the various Listerine uses before and thought, “Really? Soaking your feet in mouthwash?” It sounded extremely crazy, to be honest! However, after trying absolutely every known remedy to man to get rid of my cracked heels, I decided to give it a try. What could I possibly lose, I thought?

I have had success with various creams and ointments on my heels before. The problem is that some of them are not only hard to find, they are extremely expensive, and I just can’t always shell out the cash that I need to purchase them. Since this particular remedy is cheap and easy, I figured that it really wouldn’t hurt to check it out! What’s the worst that could happen? I’d end up with clean, minty feet? I can live with that!

Listerine Foot Soak Recipe

I used Listerine “Healthy White” because the Blue version will stain your feet.

Not only is this recipe easy, you only need TWO simple ingredients to achieve the soft, smooth heels you want:

  • Listerine “Healthy White”
  • Distilled White Vinegar

You probably already have these two things in your home anyway, so why not try it?

But…Does it Really WORK?

You’re probably wondering where I stand on the matter since I’ve been talking about it, and I can honestly say that it works! I was totally doubtful that this type of soak would do anything worthwhile, but it took just 15 minutes for my feet and heels to look AND feel so much smoother! I won’t lie-they didn’t come out perfect. But in just 15 minutes I saw a great improvement and now I’m totally hooked.

listerine foot soak recipe

foot soak listerine


Listerine Foot Soak Recipe

As I stated before, you probably have the ingredients for this soak already. If not, pick this up on your next trip out:

  • Listerine or any other antiseptic mouthwash
  • Vinegar, either white or apple cider


Mix one cup of the mouthwash, one cup of the vinegar and two cups of warm water together in a container big enough for your feet. Remember, you can always double or triple the recipe as needed.

The Soak!

Let your feet soak for a good 10 to 15 minutes in the Listerine foot bath mixture. Then, use a pumice stone, foot file or a good sponge to gently slough off all of the soft, dead skin. When I soaked in it, I was able to pull off a large amount of dry skin when I was done. While I didn’t get it all, I can tell I only need a few more good soaks and my feet should look amazing!

listerine foot soak

You know the Listerine “Healthy White” an Vinegar are working—When you see the bubbles!

I hate my dry, cracked heels, but I’m in love with this solution! Try it for yourself- you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

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