1) Who is HealthPricer?

HealthPricer is the only comparison-shopping service focused solely on the online health and wellness sector. HealthPricer offers the ability for consumers to quickly search thousands of products from top online merchants and find the products they are looking for at the best prices. HealthPricer also syndicates it’s product finding and comparison services to a growing network of top health content sites.

2) Who are HealthPricer’s Partners?

HealthPricer’s has syndicated its product finding and comparison service to some of the top health content sites on the internet. See HealthPricer’s Partner page for a complete list. Each of these partners have incorporated HealthPricer’s services in varying forms (i.e. white labeled marketplace, contextual product ads, etc.) to bring HealthPricer’s merchant program product listings to their millions of users.

3) What are shoppers looking for at HealthPricer?

Individuals come to HealthPricer searching for a convenient and trustworthy site to find all of their health and beauty products. They want to see quick and easy price comparison, reputable merchants, and high quality products.

4) Why should I join the HealthPricer Merchant Program?

If you are looking for highly qualified consumers and relevant product/brand exposure across a network of top health content sites, then HealthPricer is the place to be. Our program provides online merchants with access to shoppers seeking health and beauty related products. We provide 100% coverage of your product inventory, there are no set up fees and you only pay for clicks directed to your online store.

5) Which merchants are currently participating in the HealthPricer Program?

Our list of retailers is growing everyday as we expand our departments. Browse our merchant directory for a list of current participating retailers.

6) How much does joining the Merchant Program cost?

Absolutely nothing. It’s free! You only pay when HealthPricer sends a lead to your store. Click here to sign up.

7) How do my products get listed on HealthPricer?

We’ve made this process as simple as possible for you. HealthPricer uses a customized ‘crawler’ to collect all of your product information (like Google) – at no cost to you. This means you don’t need to prepare any product lists ever. The crawler gathers the information regularly, ensuring that the information displayed is accurate and up to date. HealthPricer can also use merchant data feeds for those merchants that prefer that method.

8) How do sales get tracked?

By implementing a snippet code that we provide you (most merchants can do this within 1/2 hour of receipt of the code) on your order confirmation or thank you page, we are able to track all orders that are referred by HealthPricer and provide detailed, product level sales information to you.

9) How do I update my Merchant Profile?

Has your shipping policy changed? Do you need to update your contact information? While we do confirm the information periodically, please notify us if there are any changes to be made. Simply contact your account manager with your new information and we will update it within one business day.

10) If I have a problem, whom do I contact?

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact a merchant service representative directly. Contact HealthPricer by phone at (604) 301-0221 ext.126 or by email at [email protected]

11) What is my store rating and how is it calculated?

Your site is evaluated on a rating system based on comprehensive best practice criteria identified by the HealthPricer team to ensure that we have quality merchants available to our customers. Points are awarded for every criterion that is met. Based on these results, a 5-star rating is assigned to you. The store rating system includes the following in our evaluation:

  • Security certifications
  • Payment options
  • Online order tracking
  • Customer service
  • Shipping policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Contact Information

12) What is the HealthPricer trust seal?

Based on the store rating discussed above, your website’s 5-star rating is displayed as part of the HealthPricer seal. We provide you with that seal to display on your website. Visitors to HealthPricer understand the value of the seal and feel more comfortable making a purchase when the seal is visible. It is a statement that enhances your credentials as an online healthcare merchant.

13) What if I’m part of an affiliate program, can I still participate?

Yes. However, by working with HealthPricer directly, you will receive better sales and product tracking, lower costs, and in many cases more traffic.