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Changing course mid-stream helps three Canadian firms survive and thrive
Three Canadian companies that have made it through the toughest of situations have one thing in common, the ability to correctly diagnose what’s not working and what could work, and make radical changes to their business model before it was too late.
27 Aug 2008

Kosmix, HealthPricer team up to provide products, content
HealthPricer’s MarketPlace will be syndicated to Kosmix’s property.

The move makes sense for both parties. HealthPricer will receive quality traffic from interested consumers while Kosmix’s customer base will receive quality information about health products that they likely need to purchase.
15 Apr 2008

Comparison Shopping Engines Continue to Satisfy Customer Demand: HealthPricer Leading the Way
HealthPricer is improving how customers can find products using their shopping portal by creating a more robust search feature that matches “general search terms” with products as opposed to just hoping that consumers type in the product name correctly.

I indentified this as an issue in a prior blog on how comparison shopping engines will compete with general search engines as Google, MSN Search, and Yahoo! Search to show their value add to online consumers in order to gain loyal customers and differentiate themselves from just “general search engines.” I am happy that is leading the way by implementing more intuitive search methods.
07 Apr 2008

Buying Into Comparison Shopping Sites
The notion of context is also at the heart of the comparison shopping engine media buy. Shopping engine placements are contextually relevant because they’re delivered, along with other related products, on a keyword basis.

HealthPricer takes a similar approach, but has also begun to marry comparison shopping with display advertising to offer advertisers something beyond the product listings themselves. Through a select group of ad networks, merchants can now purchase keyword-driven banners surrounding its white-labeled comparison shopping tool.
14 Feb 2008

MarketIntellNow Rankings: #7 and #8
HealthPricer … given that health spending is such a giant category, it’s surprising that comparison shopping sites have been slow to arrive. But HealthPricer has stepped out emphatically…
07 Feb 2008

DEMO 08 Coverage
January 28th, 2008: Palm Desert, CA Vancouver, B.C. – HealthPricer Interactive (TSX.V ~ HPC), a leader in online product search and comparison shopping for healthcare products, today unveils the industry’s first normalized health product database and search engine. Click here to see HealthPricer media coverage at this event.
06 Feb 2008

The View from the Corner Office: HealthPricer
HealthPricer is taking its site one step further � in partnership with health sites. As health sites evolve in bringing content and communications features to its visitors, HealthPricer is partnering with many of the biggest health sites to deliver that missing third C. Merging commerce with their content and community, where HealthPricer’s search engine matches health content to relevant health products, give site visitors a complete health search experience.
05 Dec 2007

Are widgets the future for online marketers?
Brown says the best way to target an in-market consumer is by the search they are conducting rather than by ads targeted based on an online profile. “People have a specific interest,” Brown said. “If you have an advertising mechanism that is contextually relevant to that information, you’re serving something that will capture consumers’ attention.”
23 Nov 2007

Search Engine of the Day: HealthPricer
I just got off the phone with Michael Brown, CEO of HealthPricer. As the logo states, HealthPricer does one thing, and, by remaining focused, I think they do it very well. Here are the Top 10 things that you should know about this alternative search engine.
19 Oct 2007

HealthPricer Sees CPC As Near Death
Why should a retailer settle for CPC action on a shopping engine when CPA offers a better return? Why should shoppers work with a site that features retailers based on their bid, and not their ability to best satisfy a customer query? In healthcare comparison shopping, Mike Brown of HealthPricer thinks CPC and customer needs don’t work out well together.
08 Oct 2007

CPA vs. CPC: Which Is Better?
HealthPricer uses a cost-per-action model that has caught on with consumers. According to Brown the company sees nearly 100,000 unique users each week logging on to compare prices on nearly 400,000 different products. Since turning to the CPA model they have seen conversion rates increase by as much as 80% for their advertisers.
01 Oct 2007

Pimp my shopping cart
“People today are overloaded by choices. Limitless options can lead to paralysis.” Results of paralysis can include users abandoning shopping carts before clicking the final buy button. That’s due to what Michael Brown, CEO of Vancouver-based HealthPricer Interactive, calls “clutter-in-the-cart process.”
11 Sep 2007

The Impact of Comparison Shopping Sites on E-Commerce Sales
Note how much longer the transaction times are in the ScanAlert study. On, 87.3 percent of the transactions where completed in less than 60 minutes from the initial visit to the site, and these transactions took place in an average time of 10.5 minutes. The ScanAlert data shows that 82 percent of the transactions took up to 7 days to complete.
01 Aug 2007

HealthPricer and the value of CSEs
HealthPricer tracks some 300,000 products (this obviously requires domain expertise) from more than 80 retailers, and to do so they have had to regularize product names and pricing and build a searchable database. The results are interesting: According to HealthPricer the retailers have seen conversion rates increase by a factor of three to four times and a significant reduction in conversion time — the actual stats for conversion time improvement are being analyzed at present.
30 Jul 2007

InternetRetailer – Comparison shopping sites expand and narrow
One such niche site is, a comparison shopping site that lists more than 360,000 products. Comparison shopping sites that handle numerous categories of products don’t have the time or domain expertise to present information on health products in an easily digestible form for shoppers, says Michael Brown, HealthPricer president and CEO.
01 Jul 2007

On Computers – Internut Pricing
We liked the fact that the site gave you the price per package and per pill. All the prices we checked were cheaper than ordering the same things from, a major U.S. online drugstore service.
01 Jul 2007

UsableMarkets – Search, Not Just For Giants Anymore
In the not-so-distant past search engines were limited in their distribution to the monolithic, internet-wide search engines (Google, Yahoo,, or to others who needed them and could support them (large online retailers). But my, how times have changed. Now search engines are small, portable, and very specific.
15 Jun 2007

UsableMarkets – Interview with Anne Yeo, Information Architect for
Trust has always been a big issue when it comes to online transactions. Who can you really trust online these days? However, it’s one thing to get ripped off on eBay with a fake Louis Vuitton purse. It’s an entirely different story when you buy prescription drugs online. Your life cannot afford to get “ripped off”. HealthPricer filters out all the illegal crap out there and only deals with responsible merchants and trusted products, so users have peace of mind when they buy something that they have found through
03 Jun 2007

MSNBC – Save money with online shopping sites
Savvy consumers today come to the store knowing as much, and sometimes more, about products and prices than those who actually work in the store. Armed with Internet-based information, this new breed of wired consumers often winds up with greater values than their fellow shoppers.
30 May 2007

Business in Vancouver – Internet savvy Canadians are filling their online shopping carts
As the operator of a comparison shopping search engine for health-related products, Healthpricer Interactive Ltd. is riding the e-commerce wave. According to the Vancouver-based company, its website receives approximately 11,000 visitors daily who use the search engine to compare prices on everything from contact lenses and over-the-counter drugs to pharmaceuticals and supplements located in the company’s database of 224,000 products.
29 May 2007

Trendwatching – May 2007 Trend Briefing
When there’s mass, there’s going to be niche. Expect plenty of dedicated, one-category only price comparison sites, adding to full transparency.
01 May 2007

WebProNews – Does Google Police Online Pharmacies Enough?
Security company Sophos’ senior technology consultant Graham Cluely blamed the problem on hijacked websites being exploited by spammers. But Michael Brown, president of, says it’s lack of policing that’s to blame.
27 Apr 2007

Computing Canada – E-commerce stats suggest barriers breaking down
A shift in thinking is also present in the business and consumer mindset, as more and more consumers feel more comfortable purchasing online. They are loosening up in terms of their comfort level with things like using their credit card to make purchases online, said Michael Brown, president and CEO of Vancouver-based comparison shopping engine HealthPricer Interactive.
23 Apr 2007

Search Engine Roundtable – Shopping Search Tactics
Lots of choices. Big/small, datafeeds/crawlers, free/paid/cpa/vertical lists them. Shopzilla, Froogle, Builders Square, USA Today, MySimon,, TheFind, vdeep, Healthpricer, Become, Smart, Cnet Shopper, Pricewatch..I grabbed what I could.
12 Apr 2007

InternetRetailer – Many online health information seekers just looking, not buying
Most people are searching for health care information because they have an issue, and the remedy to that issue is often is a medical procedure, a pharmaceutical or an over-the-counter health care product, says Michael I. Brown, president and CEO of HealthPricer Interactive Ltd., which operates a comparison shopping site for health care products, “If someone is researching their health concern online, they can also research those pharmaceuticals and products. If we make it easy for them, they will buy them online.”
30 Mar 2007

Vancouver Sun – Letter to the Editor
Legitimate online pharmacies have safeguards.
23 Mar 2007