HealthPricer to Prove: “My Search is Better than Your Search”

A one hour contest session, HealthPricer will have seven minutes to present its search engine, followed by a three-minute Q&A session, in which the hosts will review each of five finalist’s competing presentations ‘American Idol’ style. The winner will be declared with help from the audience.

“The entrepreneurs and those who dare to do things differently have shaped the web and search as we know it. Is innovation dead? We at Search Engine Strategies and AltSearchEngines don’t think so. Though most experts agree there will be no “Google Killer,” there will be several emerging technologies that will shape the way we search, find and retain content,” says Charles Knight,

The panel is taking place at 12.45 – 1.45 pm on March 20, 2008. The other companies presenting are EveryZing, Retrevo, OrganizedWisdom and Surf Canyon. Search Engine Strategies is the leading international conference series for webmasters, digital agencies, online marketers and corporate decision makers.

About HealthPricer is a leader in vertical product search for consumer health and beauty products. Led by a team of e-commerce veterans, the company has created the search industry’s first normalized health Consumer Packaged Goods database. This database forms the underlying foundation for its award winning vertical product search and comparison shopping site: and partner Marketplaces.

Working with trusted online health merchants, HealthPricer uses proprietary technologies to force merchant product information to conform to industry standard categorization and naming conventions. The HealthPricer search engine ensures hundreds of thousands of merchant offerings reflect the exact product names – connecting product browsing to buying in a more meaningful way.

Subsequently, the HealthPricer comparison shopping site is the most convenient way for consumers to search for and perform side-by-side comparisons of health and beauty products based on price, brand and other health-related attributes. HealthPricer counts recent accolades from top health and online marketing associations to its credit, including 2007 Outstanding Web Site Award, W3 Award, WWW Health Award 2007, Platinum eHealthcare Leadership Award and the AltSearchEngines Top 100.

This optimized consumer shopping experience has reciprocal benefits to advertisers. The HealthPricer database monitors and collects information on the browsing and purchasing behavior of millions of consumers using the HealthPricer search engine. This business intelligence provides insight and more effective ways for manufacturers, merchants and health services to tie advertising to relevant search.