1052% Revenue Growth over Q1 2007 and 29% Revenue Growth over Q4 2007

VANCOUVER, July 20 /CNW/ – HealthPricer.com, a leader in comparison shopping for consumer healthcare products, today announced that its revenue for Q1 2008 is $242,000, up 1052% over Q1 2007 revenue of $21,000 and up 29% over Q4 2007 revenue of $188,000.

HealthPricer also reports that it received 845,000 unique visitors to www.healthpricer.com in Q1 2008, up 238% from 250,000 unique visitors in Q1 2007.

HealthPricer’s fiscal year-end is March 31st and therefore Q1 2008 results represent April, May and June 2007. Through Q1 2008 HealthPricer has continued to act on strategies to gain more users and convert them into customers faster. Key activities have included developing more core technology (i.e. end-to-end transaction tracking across multiple platforms), improving product coverage and exploring partnership programs.

“We are sticking to our plans and seeing the results,” comments Michael I. Brown, President and CEO of HealthPricer Interactive. “We have maintained our focus on development, as we continue to successfully optimize the performance of our increasing traffic, through controlled test market strategies. We are confident that we will continue to see significant growth in our traffic and revenue as we deploy new and improved technologies, and expand marketing efforts to our entire product catalogue, currently 225,000 products.”

About HealthPricer Interactive

HealthPricer.com is a leader in online comparison shopping for consumer healthcare products and changes the way business is done online in favour of the consumer. Led by a team of e-commerce professionals, the Company has applied its proprietary technologies to meet the needs of North American consumers looking for easy access to a choice of products and merchants online. Covering 225,000 products from more than 85 merchants, HealthPricer.com is the most convenient way for consumers to search for and perform side-by-side price comparison of healthcare products based on price, brand and other health related attributes. www.healthpricer.com.