Web Portal Delivers Content, Community and Commerce to Consumers

JERSEY CITY, NJ, and VANCOUVER, Nov. 14 /CNW/ – Marketing Technology Solutions (MTS), owner of QualityHealth, a top 10 consumer health Web site with over 3 million unique visitors per month, today announced that it has selected HealthPricer.com, a leader in online comparison shopping for healthcare products, to syndicate its product search and comparison shopping on its recently re-launched www.qualityhealth.com. The QualityHealth Web site provides relevance and personalization to its members through community-building, health information and savings. In effect, HealthPricer allows MTS to bring a new value-added function to its more than 3-million members.

As of January 1st, 2008 QualityHealth’s visitors will be able to compare and purchase healthcare products through HealthPricer’s network of more than 100 trusted online merchants. MTS will add links within QualityHealth’s main navigation, allowing its members to do general health searches, health product searches, and comparison shopping all in one place. QualityHealth visitors that click on these links will gain access to a seamlessly integrated QualityHealth co-branded product search and comparison site, powered by HealthPricer. QualityHealth visitors will have access to more than 300,000 healthcare products to find OTC drugs, contact lenses, supplements, personal care and beauty products. Search results will display the best merchants that offer the specific product and price.

“We’re seeing consumer health Web sites striving to deliver more value to their visitors beyond just content, by adding community through tools such as forums and conversations with health experts, and by adding a commerce component. We deliver that last critical C (Commerce) to our partners,” says Michael I. Brown, President and CEO, HealthPricer Interactive. “We believe we are the only viable solution to bring a full healthcare product shopping experience to consumer health Web sites in a supportive and value-added way. MTS is a great partner for us as they understand the benefit of consumer retention through the matching of HealthPricer product offers with QualityHealth’s 3-million healthcare consumers.”

“HealthPricer’s approach to product search allows MTS to offer its consumers another valuable tool in their efforts to manage healthcare expenses and is an important reason why we decided to partner with them,” says Helene Monat, CEO, Marketing Technology Solutions. “Similar to our goal of making it easy for visitors to find relevant health information, we found HealthPricer has put that same focus into searches for health products.”

About Marketing Technology Solutions

Marketing Technology Solutions (MTS) is a media and technology company specializing in servicing health consumers and advertisers through proprietary algorithms that simultaneously personalize health content and target advertising based on a unique healthographic(TM) consumer profile. Healthographics(TM) are a proprietary combination of demographic and (age, gender, address) and consumers physical and emotional health profile. Our healthographic profile has upward of 250 individual data points. MTS specializes in connecting clients’ brands with health-conscious consumers through data-driven patient education, targeted customer acquisition, syndicated research, and permission-based interactive marketing. MTS gains consumer insights through its network of MTS owned Web sites, QualityHealth.com, Healthpages.com and Nubella.com, whose 10 million members rely on the sites for health and wellness news, tips, tools, support groups, and patient education.

About HealthPricer.com

HealthPricer.com is a leader in online product search and comparison shopping for consumer healthcare products and changes the way business is done online in favour of the consumer. Led by a team of e-commerce professionals, the Company has applied its proprietary technologies to meet the needs of North American consumers looking for easy access to a choice of products and merchants online. Covering hundreds of thousands of products from the biggest, most trusted healthcare merchants, HealthPricer is the most convenient way for consumers to search for and perform side-by-side price comparison of healthcare products based on price, brand and other health related attributes. www.healthpricer.com.