, a leader in online comparison shopping for consumer healthcare products, today announced that on May 20th 2007 HealthPricer received unique visitor number 2,000,000, a little over five months after receiving unique visitor number 1,000,000. By comparison the first million visitors arrived over a thirteen month period.

HealthPricer has more than doubled its growth over the last five months, with unique visitors in May 2007 averaging 9,050 per day compared to an average of 3,900 per day in December 2006. Total unique visitors to HealthPricer in April 2007 were 250,000 compared to 122,000 in December 2006.

HealthPricer attributes this continuous upward trend in unique visitors to a better understanding of how to target and attract quality consumers looking to comparison shop in its most mature departments; Prescription Drugs and contact lenses.

“HealthPricer unique visitors have been growing by 33% month on month for the last four months,” says Michael I. Brown, President and CEO of HealthPricer Interactive. “We have learned a lot about targeting and attracting the ready-to-buy health product consumer to our contact lens and Prescription Drug departments. By applying these same successful online target marketing strategies across our other much bigger departments of Supplements, Beauty/ Hygiene and Medicine Cabinet, we expect to see even more significant month over month increases in our unique visitors and hence our revenue”.