Healthcare is an increasingly volatile discussion topic today. Many follow the discussion with a watchful eye on how any changes to the healthcare system will affect their ability to get a prescription filled.

Some though have turned their back on the system and have gone an opposite route and tried to get their medication outside regular channels.

While using a no prescription pharmacy can seem tempting, its dangers have to be considered.

What is a No Prescription Pharmacy?

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, don’t think of these as brick-and-mortar locations, as they don’t exist in a traditional “walk into a store and tell the pharmacist what ails you” world. They are more…fluid. And more virtual.

Generally found online, they can be located in any part of the world. It’s a generalization but think of them as a man in a warehouse. You order Z and they go to the shelf and pull it out of the box and send it your way.


Because the no prescription pharmacy operates in this way, it makes it very tough to regulate. In fact, you should consider it unregulated.

Before any medication can be released to the public “officially,” it has to undergo years of clinical tests and trials. Once it has been approved, it is manufactured under stringent regulations.

The same can not be said for the medicine sent out by these “pharmacies” who will send you what you want with no prescription needed and no questions asked. Their medications are manufactured under differing sets of rules and regulations if the manufacturer follows any at all.


When you engage in taking medicine from a no-prescription pharmacy the question that has to hit your mind is “what am I really taking?” You are generally getting generic versions of popular drugs or imitations that have been reverse-engineered.

At least that’s what you hope you’re taking. the reality is that many of these medications can differ greatly in what they are purported to contain and what they actually do.

So what are you really getting? How can you really know?

What You Really Need

Another concern with using a no-prescription pharmacy is that you are forced to self-diagnose. That can lead easily to a mistreatment of a more pressing medical issue.

For example, say you have a simple headache. You’ve taken over-the-counter medicine but it doesn’t seem to help. So you decide to get online and send away for something to take that pain away.

Because of the uncertainty of what the actual medicine is that you will be getting, you’re in fact only adding to your medical problems. If you had gone to a doctor, they could have helped diagnosis why you were having headaches (which could be anything from vision issues to something more threatening like water on the brain) and started to treat the root of the problem.

Yes, the Internet is wonderful and filled with amazing bits of information but without a more educated background, we can find ourselves misinterpreting that information and masking the problem, not treating the concern.

An Alternative Option

Healthcare can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are options available to find safe, affordable healthcare.

When you have a prescription that needs to be filled, we can help you find the medication that you need at a price that you can afford. Legally, and Safely.