CIPA – Canadian International Pharmacy AssociationEstablished in 2002, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) represents the Canadian International Pharmacy Industry. CIPA governs and upholds the ethical and professional practice of International Pharmacies, and ensures their members are providing the highest quality of service in the field.

The organization certifies that only the highest quality of patient care will be observed through excellent customer service, a reliable shipping and tracking process of prescription drugs, and the highest of quality in brand and generic medications are prescribed.

CIPA Membership and Registration Process

CIPA membership is a voluntary for-fee program that is open to all Canadian pharmacies that provide service to International customers.

Once the application has been received, the applicant takes part in an assessment process as follows:

Provide CIPA with verification of their required licensing

  • Provide CIPA with verification that all persons in charge of the physical operation are appropriately licensed and in good standing
  • Maintain and enforce all policies and procedures that pertain to the international prescription service
  • Comply with all statutes and regulations regarding the practice of pharmacy within their jurisdiction
  • Maintain and enforce policies and procedures regarding the authentication and security of prescription drugs
  • Provide meaningful consultation between patients and pharmacists
  • Maintain and enforce a patients’ rights to privacy
  • Maintain and enforce policies and procedures for the storage and shipment of products

Once approved, CIPA has the right to conduct a review of the operations which may include an on-site inspection. If the review determines that the applicant is not in compliance with the agreement, the applicant will have 30 days to correct the default. If no correction is made, the certification is terminated.

CIPA Contact Information

101-478 River Avenue Suite 725
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
R3L 0B3
Telephone Number (204) 453-6586
Email [email protected]