IMPAC – Internet & Mail-Order Pharmacy Accreditation CommissionIMPAC, Inc is dedicated to the promotion of consumer safety and quality improvement.

IMPAC is both domestic and international. We will survey and accredit our client companies any where in the world including the United States.

IMPAC is independent. We are funded by the fees we charge for surveys. We do not accept funds from any industries, trade associations, drug/product manufacturers, or agencies. IMPAC is based in the United States. We were incorporated in the State of Vermont in September, 2003.

IMPAC Quality Standards and Accreditation are focused on the entire scope of our industries including quality, customer service, consumer safety, credentialed providers and staff, management of information, and facility safety and security.

IMPAC Quality Standards and Accreditation Process are reviewed regularly by the appropriate experts in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, esthetics, spa and wellness, health care, government relations, and accreditation. These experts serve on IMPAC’s Advisory Panel.

IMPAC – Mailorder and Internet Pharmacy Accreditation

Quality Assurance
Standard 1: There are mechanisms in place to assure the quality of pharmaceutical dispensing and distribution.

Pharmacy Management
Standard 2: The Pharmacy is organized and functions to assure drug integrity and safety.

Consumer Safety
Standard 3: Consumers are assured safety in the dispensing of pharmaceuticals.

Customer Satisfaction
Standard 4: Performance quality is determined by consumer satisfaction.

Health Information Management
Standard 5: Privacy and protection of consumer health information. Standard encompasses Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) and Personal Health Information Act (PHIA), as applicable.

Website Content
Standard 6: Website provides consumers pharmacy access.

Shipping and Handling
Standard 7: Shipping and Handling process is disclosed to consumers and provides ease of access.

Customer Call Center
Standard 8: Customer Call Centers assure consumer access and timely response.

IMPAC Contact Information

Address P.O. Box 1146
Manchester, VT
05254 USA
Telephone Number (800) 677-7019