The Manitoba International Pharmacists AssociationThe Manitoba International Pharmacists Association is a Provincial organization of licensed pharmacists, pharmacy students and others dedicated on a global basis to the provision of safe and affordable medications for the improvement of health and well being of individuals of all ages from around the world as well as assisting its members and enhancing the profession of pharmacy.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Provide accessibility to safe and affordable medications on a global basis for the improvement of health and the well being of individuals of all ages from around the world;

Goal 2: Develop creative solutions for superior patient access to safe and affordable medications and other health care products, while continuing to provide high quality professional patient care and services;

Goal 3: Expand access to and promote the value of international pharmacist care-giving services in obtaining positive health outcomes for individuals around the world through the optimal use of safe and affordable medications.

Goal 4: Support members in their efforts to meet and exceed existing professional standards of care and to develop standards of care unique to the international pharmacy industry;

Goal 5: Equip pharmacist members with information and educational resources to support the global provision of patient care;

Goal 6: Promote the value and role of international pharmacy in the health care system;

Goal 7: Work in conjunction with regulatory bodies and government agencies to establish standards of practice and protocols to ensure the safe provision of drug products and services to patients worldwide;

Goal 8: Promote involvement in pharmacy and health-related issues;

Goal 9: Ensure the international pharmacy industry perspective is communicated and understood by legislators and policy-makers;

Goal 10: Create a favourable political and business climate in which MIPA member pharmacies can carry out their business plans;

Goal 11: Protect the privacy and confidentiality of every patient’s personal health information through compliance with all statutes governing and guaranteeing that personal right;

Goal 12: Protect all information collected, maintain data accuracy and prevent unauthorized access through appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure such information;

Goal 13: Ensure effective channels of communication between members and the association;

Goal 14: Protect the global economic foundation of the international pharmacy industry to ensure continued access to safe, high quality, affordable drug products and services to patients worldwide;

Goal 15: Develop the resource base necessary for successful achievement of the Association’s mission.

MIPA Contact Information

Address PO Box 43038
1555 Regent Avenue
Canada R2C 5G5
Email [email protected]