Sometimes referred to as mail order pharmacies, online pharmacies can be divided into three major categories: Traditional, Remote and Illegal.

  • Traditional Pharmacies
    Often large chain stores, these brick and mortar pharmacies require the original prescriptions in order to fill the order. Customers must find a location in their area and give the prescription to the pharmacist.
  • Remote Consultation Pharmacies
    Most online pharmacies fall into this category. These pharmacies may or may not have a brick and mortar store; however they do require a prescription be faxed or sent via mail to dispense their medication.
  • Illegal Rogue Pharmacies
    There are many websites posing as a ‘pharmacy’ that do not ask you for a prescription. Often the site has customers fill out a questionnaire to determine if they can sell them the drug. These web sites may sell you inferior prescription drugs and may even be posing as an online pharmacy with the intent of stealing your credit card information. Clearly, purchasing drugs through this channel can pose serious health risks and this is an illegal practice in the US.

All HealthPricer pharmacies must:

  • Comply with all laws, rules, regulations, and accepted industry standards of ethical business conduct, applicable within their jurisdiction
  • Not ship Over the Counter (OTC) medications that require valid prescriptions in the US
  • Hold a valid state or provincial license in good standing at all times
  • Confirm that all transactions processed are filled and shipped by that pharmacy
  • Notify the program immediately if one of its pharmacists becomes the subject of adverse government action relating to its licensure or the dispensing of prescription or controlled substances
  • Employ a licensed pharmacist in charge and only permit licensed pharmacists to dispense drugs
  • Not provide prescription drugs without receiving and verifying a valid prescription from the customer’s healthcare practitioner
  • Not dispense any controlled substance in violation of state or federal law
  • Agree that deliveries of prescription drugs will be made only through US mail or a service that requires the signature for package delivery
  • Guarantee that customer financial information is send using secure technology
  • Agree that purchases made will be shipped through the US postal service or an equivalent service that requires a signature upon delivery of the medication
  • Agree that users can easily access and view the pharmacy’ privacy policy and that personal information is not shared with third parties other than to fill orders or to comply with government requirements

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