US citizens are not usually prevented from importing drugs into the US if it is for personal use. In fact, the FDA states that drugs that are not available in the US but have helped people with serious conditions may be imported.

The FDA has set out the following general guidelines to aid government officials in using their discretion:

  1. The drug obtained is for personal use
  2. The quantity of product being shipped is less than a 90 day supply
  3. The drug is not a controlled substance

FDA Official Says Canadian Pharmacy Practices Comparable to US

According to the Wall Street Journal, FDA officials stated “if people are going to go ahead and order drugs outside the United States, they’re better off getting them from Canada than from a country like Thailand or Mexico.” The official added that Canada has drug regulations and testing systems that are comparable to those seen in the United States.

For more information on the policy surrounding personal importations of FDA regulated products please visit the FDA.