Getting the medication you need should be as simple as going to the doctor, getting a prescription, and going to the pharmacy to have it filled.

What would you do if you could get the prescription, but it cost too much to pick up? How would you handle prescriptions without insurance?

This is a problem that affects many people. Unfortunately, many go without their medication because they think there are no alternatives.

Read on and discover the money-saving alternatives that exist for those who need medications, but don’t have health insurance.

See If Generics Fit the Bill

When getting medication filled, it’s important to sort out the differences between generics and the name brand medication. In some cases, the name brand medication is the best choice for you.

NIT (narrow therapeutic index) drugs should be name brand because in some patients, switching back and forth from name brand to generic causes problems. Folks who do so find themselves in the emergency room, which could easily have been avoided.

But you should consider generics if:

  • You need prescriptions without insurance
  • The medications are identical except for name

Much like paying for brand name toilet paper, there isn’t a noticeable difference.

Ask for a Medication Review

If you are on a lot of medication, it’s best to ask for a review. Being on several drugs at once causes problems such as:

  • Medications reacting with one another
  • Medications canceling one another out

During a medication review, you may learn that some drugs aren’t necessary. A new medication that was added on may offer the same benefits as the one you are currently taking.

Furthermore, when patients are getting medications from several different prescribers, problems can arise. This is especially true when the prescribers don’t communicate with one another regularly.

Explain your situation to a medical professional, and find out if all the medications you’re taking are truly necessary. You can save money by getting rid of unneeded ones.

It’s better to be on as few medications as possible while taking what is needed to maintain health. Cutting back as much as you can seems strange, but could benefit both your wallet and your body in the long term.

When in doubt, get a review, and see what is truly needed, and what you can do without.

Seek Prescription Discounts

Discounts are crucial for patients who need prescriptions without insurance. You can qualify for discounts based on:

  • Your age, such as someone qualifying for senior discounts
  • Having membership discounts, such as being a member of AAA
  • What pharmacy they use, and their personal policy

If you don’t have insurance and aren’t sure how to pay for your medications, discounts provide a valuable opportunity to get the coverage you need at a low cost. There’s no additional work on your behalf, making this the simplest no-brainer way to save money.

You can search for prescription discounts online, and see what types of options are available for your case. Loyal rewards programs to a particular pharmacy can help you save money on what you need, even without insurance.

For Prescriptions Without Insurance, Get a 90-Day Supply Through the Mail

Although paying for three months worth of medications seems costly, it’s actually an opportunity to save money. Companies that send out prescriptions via the mail have lower overhead, allowing them to save money on pricing the medication.

When you visit a pharmacy, you pay extra for the medication, the service, and having a professional doctor on staff to speak with. These are necessary for a pharmacy to operate.

In contrast, online pharmacies that fill medications by mail order have less staff. Although you don’t have all the resources right by your side when you pick up the medication (such as staff or the pharmacist) this isn’t a must for everyone.

If leaving your house is difficult and you don’t have reliable transportation, it works out to your benefit to have pills sent via mail-order. Anyone who needs prescriptions without insurance can see the benefits of having their medications mailed to them.

If something happens, you’ll have a supply on hand. Fewer trips out and medication on hand at all times goes a long way in making your life easier.

Learn About Splitting Pills

Splitting pills is something that requires caution.

Older patients often appear in the news, having died because they couldn’t afford a full supply of medications. Instead, they split them in half in order to save money.

Before deciding that this is the best route to take, consult with a doctor or pharmacist. They can advise you of the problems that may occur from splitting pills.

You can weigh the pros and cons, and decide if this is the best method for you.

In some cases, splitting your medication doesn’t pose any negative side-effects, depending on what the medication is, and how much you need.

Begin by talking to medical professionals and explain your situation. Even if pill splitting doesn’t work in your case, your doctor or pharmacist may have suggestions about possible alternatives.

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