According to Consumer Reports, more than half of Americans now take prescription medications on a regular basis. In fact, the average American takes four prescriptions daily.

Over the past two decades, the percentage of prescribed drugs has gone up 85% in the United States. Meanwhile, the out of pocket costs for prescription medication has also continued to rise.

In recent years, online pharmacies have become an increasingly popular alternative for patients.

Have you considered purchasing prescriptions online?

Read on to learn why many people are now choosing to purchase medicine online and find out if it could work for you!

Should You Purchase Medicine Online?

With more Americans than ever now required to take daily medications, it only makes sense that people would look for a way to make the process as seamless and affordable as possible.

Many people have found it advantageous to purchase medicine online. Here are 5 reasons why.

1.) Reduced Prescription Costs

The current cost of medicine creates a major strain on the average household budget. The cost is so high that more and more, people are unable to afford the expense of prescriptions.

In 2016, it was reported that 43% of those in poor or fair health had difficulty affording their prescriptions. And, 37% of people have reportedly had to go without their medications due to an inability to pay for them.

However, the good news is that you can reduce prescription costs by up to 40% or more if you incorporate money-saving practices, such as purchasing them online.

These pharmacies do not have the high overhead costs of brick and mortar retailers, and that helps them pass the saving on to you.

Also, many times cheaper alternative generic drugs are more readily available online.

Even when purchasing the exact same medication, the cost can be 30% less when compared to that of a brick and mortar pharmacy.

2.) More Than Medications

When you purchase medicine online, often you can order additional healthcare products as well.

Many online pharmacies have a variety of healthcare products available to their customers. This includes over the counter medications, skin care, and health and beauty products.

When you take advantage of this option, it saves you more time and offers an even greater convenience.

3.) Access to Information

When you purchase medicine online, you can access customer and business reviews, ratings, and other information that can help you determine their quality. These type of reviews and ratings may not be available for local pharmacies and drugstores.

Often, customers find out that the quality of customer service is unsatisfactory only once they have had the experience when dealing with a local retailer.

Additionally, you are privy to a wealth of information regarding your prescription prior to placing your order that may not be readily available otherwise. And, some healthcare sites even allow you to purchase from a variety of retailers so that you can choose the best price, fastest delivery time, and so on.

4.) Convenience

Many people appreciate having their prescriptions delivered to their doorstep. You know when you can expect your medicine to arrive, and don’t have to wonder if it will be “in stock” or unavailable.

For some patients, who are unable to drive or get out much, the convenience of an online pharmacy can be a great blessing.

5.) Saves Time

Rather than having to go through the time-consuming process of having your medications refilled through a local pharmacist, ordering prescriptions online can save you a significant amount of time.

The time that you spend driving back and forth to a local pharmacist, waiting for your medicine to be filled, then oftentimes waiting in a line to pay for it, can take up hours of your time. For those taking multiple regular prescriptions, the process can consume hours upon hours each month.

Ordering online eliminates drive and wait times. And, who wouldn’t rather do something more enjoyable with their time instead?

Ready to Place an Order?

How do you know if you should purchase medicine online?

The best way to know if it’s right for you is to give it a try.

You might be surprised at how easy the process is.

Find out now if your prescription is available and see how much money you can save!