Can I obtain a list of all certified products for each certification program?

Complete lists are not always available from the certification bodies. has taken great strides to organize this valuable information for you. Use the extensive filtering features and sort by the certification you are interested in. For more information about these organizations please contact them directly.

Do more certifications mean it’s a better product?

Not necessarily. More certifications means that the manufacturer has requested and paid to have the testing done and their standards meet the criteria for certification. Should a manufacturer not choose to have their products/facilities tested, they are unable to display certification seals.

If a product has no certifications, does that mean it’s unsafe?

No. All certification programs require a fee to be paid and some require membership to the organization conducting the testing. If a manufacturer is not a member or does not request the testing, then they are not eligible for certification. If there is no certification seal on a product it is an indication that either no testing has been done, or they have failed to pass testing standards.

What do the certification seal’s mean?

Certifications seals indicate that a manufacturer has taken part in having their ingredients, products, and/or manufacturing facilities go through a testing process in order to meet standards set out by the certifying organization. A company only becomes certified if they pass all the required criteria.