NPA GMP CertifiedThe Natural Products Association (NPA, formerly NNFA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the natural products industry. Founded in 1936, the NPA protects the values and interests of retailers and suppliers in the natural nutritional foods and products industry. They represent more than 1000 manufacturers and 3000 retailers of health foods, dietary supplements, natural ingredient cosmetics, and other natural products.

NPA GMP Certification Program

The NPA’s (NNFA) Good Manufacturing Practices Program (GMP) was launched in January 1999. It is designed to review all elements of the manufacturing process and ensure that the processes of the manufacturing facility are controlled in order for products to meet their purported quality.

Inspections for cleanliness, equipment maintenance, record keeping, and receiving of raw materials are conducted to identify whether NNFA specified performance standards are met. The standards identified by the NNFA have been through FDA review.

Testing Process

NNFA GMPThird party auditors conduct on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and provide the NNFA with copies of all audit and corrective action reports. The audits are performed by one of two NNFA approved companies, both of which utilize former FDA staff to conduct the audits.

Once certified, manufacturers are given a compliance rating. The Performance Rating System is as follows:

  1. member supplier has excellent compliance with NNFA GMPs, with few deficiencies noted
  2. member supplier has good compliance with NNFA GMPs, but several significant deficiencies were noted
  3. member supplier has fair or poor compliance with NNFA GMPs, many deficiencies noted; a re-audit is required

A member supplier who receives an “A” is immediately able to apply for the right to use the certification mark. Those who receive a “B” are able to apply once the problems have been corrected, and those with a “C” rating must submit for a re-audit. Certified companies are audited every three years to verify continued compliance with NNFA GMPs.

Criteria Summary

  • Inspect manufacturing facility
  • Requires NNFA membership
  • Voluntary participation
  • Fee paid for testing

NNFA Contact Information

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Address Washington:
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Telephone Number California:
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Washington Number:
(202) 223-0101
Fax Number:
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