Gabapentin is a common prescription drug available to buy online with a doctor’s recommendation. However, it can cause some uncomfortable or serious side effects.

What is Gabapentin Commonly Used for?

Most prescriptions for gabapentin are for seizure disorders, such as epilepsy.

It can also be prescribed by a doctor for other medical problems, including Restless Legs Syndrome, neuropathy (tingling sensations most commonly found in hands and feet), and to relieve the pain caused by shingles in adults. It may also be recommended for people with long-term chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia.

All prescription drugs have the potential for side effects. It’s important to know what to recognize as a side effect if you are taking gabapentin, and when to seek immediate medical assistance.

Common Side Effects if You Are Taking Gabapentin

Most of the common side effects you could experience are not life-threatening, but you should monitor any of these problems in case they worsen.

Lack of Coordination and Dizziness

You may feel slightly out-of-body, clumsy, or be dropping things a lot. This may also be accompanied with a feeling of dizziness, even when sitting down.

Low Energy

Gabapentin can cause people to feel fatigued or particularly drowsy. If you’re experiencing this side effect, do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery.

Fluid Retention

You could experience swollen extremities, particularly feet and ankles, which is caused by additional fluid retention. This will often resolve itself but if it becomes painful or significant bloating is visible, speak to your physician.

Other Possible Side Effects of Gabapentin

Nausea or Diarrhea

Gabapentin can cause gastric distress, which may result in feeling sick, vomiting, diarrhea or even constipation. If you are struggling to keep food down for more than 48 hours, speak to your doctor.

Weight Gain

You may find that gabapentin causes weight gain when taken over a longer period of time.

Tremors or Eye Movements

Gabapentin can cause unusual muscle twitches or tremors, and can sometimes cause involuntary eye movements.

Mood Swings or Behavioral Changes

You could experience a change in your mood, and this could be slight or severe. Some people find that they get mood swings with excessive and irrational outbursts of anger, while others feel depressed due to taking gabapentin.

Emergency Side Effects: When to Seek Immediate Medical Help

If you’re experiencing any symptoms of an allergy, such as a swollen tongue, trouble breathing, or hives, it’s absolutely vital to see an emergency doctor immediately.

Other serious side effects which need urgent medical attention include sudden mood changes with a severe intent to harm. If you experience suicidal feelings that have started since taking gabapentin, seek help immediately.

What to Do if You’re Experiencing Gabapentin Side Effects

If you’re experiencing side effects from gabapentin, speak to your physician. You may need to lower your dose and build back up to the recommended dose under supervision over time. You could also talk to your doctor about other prescription drugs you could buy as an alternative.