Unfortunately, cold and allergy season is back. The minute you feel that itchy nose and sore throat, you grab an antihistamine such as Zyrtec.

This is a common antihistamine. It helps treat common allergy symptoms such as hives and itching.

But what if you’re on a budget? Even as an over the counter (OTC) medication, this medicine can be pricey. Fortunately, there are ways to find cheap allergy medication.

You shouldn’t have to suffer during allergy season, but neither should your wallet. Read this guide and learn how to find low-cost allergy medication.

Search Cheap Stores

Certain stores are cheaper than others. They have more sales or are able to sell their products at a discounted price. When purchasing allergy medication, look for these stores.

There are three main store types that sell allergy medication:

  • Pharmacy/Drugstore
  • Grocery stores
  • Dollar store
  • Supercenters (Walmart, Target, etc.)

According to this report, supercenters are among the cheapest.

Supercenters sell a little bit of everything. Since they don’t rely on a niche market, they’re able to sell their products at a lower price. Since their low prices attract more consumers, their ROI is steady.

The next contestants are dollar stores.

Even though there are ‘dollar’ stores that are more expensive (meaning their products cost more than a dollar) they can still sell products cheaper. This is usually due to lower inventory, smaller staff, and fewer stores.

If you prefer your local pharmacy, they’re third on this list. Grocery stores are usually the most expensive.

Find Coupons

No matter where you decide to shop, always look for coupons.

This is important during allergy season — retailers will know allergy medication sales will increase, so they look for ways to gain a larger profit. These coupons help drive traffic even further.

Where do you find coupons? Check the retailers’ websites or sign up and receive circulars. You can also check coupon distribution companies, who partner with retailers by offering coupons.

Some online medicine stores also offer coupons and other discounts such as free shipping.

Buy Generic

When you purchase prescriptions, do you buy the brand name or the generic medication? You should buy the generic medication. This way, you take the exact same medication for a lower price.

The same goes for OTC medications. Each has an active ingredient that heals your sickness. The generic brand contains the same ingredients as the brand name medications.

In other words, when you buy major brands, you’re only paying extra for the name.

For example, the active ingredient in Zyrtec is Cetirizine. This is the potent antihistamine that treats your allergies.

Maybe it’s not the ‘Zyrtec’ brand, but you can find the exact same medication for a lower price. Search Certirizine at stores such as the Dollar Store.

It’s Time to Save on Zyrtec

Are you under the influence of debt and allergies? Don’t let expensive medication keep you from healing your allergies.

You can buy discounted and generic allergy medication for a fraction of the cost. Just do your research, subscribe to coupon services, and don’t be afraid to purchase off-brand medication.

To save on allergy medication, use our website to compare different prices.